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[Oprah Voice]: You get a prize! And YOU get a prize! 

We were completely overwhelmed by the response we received on our Mother’s Day Giveaway over the last two weeks. It’s really no surprise, though. Moms love free stuff. And heck – we deserve it! There was no way we could have chosen a winner on our own, so we compiled the hundreds of comments and entries into one database and chose two numbers at random. buy avodart cheap

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I first heard about buy avodart for hair loss via social media and instantly knew it was going to be at the top of my list of must-dos. Lo and behold a few weeks later, this Buffalo Mom was graciously invited to test it out.

Spoiler Alert – I love this place and have gone back several times since!

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This past weekend, we were given four tickets to see the performance of “where to buy avodart in canada” at the Theatre Of Youth. Our excited kindergartener practically skipped her way into the theatre, excited to see the characters she’s been reading about in school come to life on the stage. Our son (age 3.5), was equally as excited – although we were admittedly a bit anxious to see how he would sit for an hour+ long performance. where to buy avodart