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Back to (Swim) School

As summer comes to a close and the temperature in Buffalo gets too weird to survive outdoor pool weather (read: 80 degrees one day, 60 degrees the next), my husband and I usually turn to some sort of swim school or program to keep our son active through the winter months and working hard on those water skills. That being said, I was pumped to check out the Goldfish Swim School – located at 950 Transit Road in Williamsville. Here are my thoughts on this place (spoiler alert: I’m in love).

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Sometimes You Have to Call in the Pros.

Over the past two years, I’ve gotten a lot of calls from daycare about my son’s behavior – biting, hitting, flipping chairs, etc.

“A child got too close… It was unprovoked… He wanted a toy… I don’t know what happened…”

For a while, I thought daycare was being dramatic. My son was 2. He had gotten his share of bites and bruises from other kids. And, he never lashed out like they described at home. What actions are age-appropriate forms of expression and what constitutes a legitimate behavioral issue? He’d probably grow out of it.

But then, he didn’t. The calls kept coming. My son kept lashing out. Continue Reading