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A Different Kind of Christmas

For the first time ever, I am a proud owner of a real Christmas tree. The gifts are almost wrapped. The elves are up their usual antics….and if I am being honest…..even better, more elaborate antics, since the 12 year-old is now in on the “gig.” If someone looked in on our life via our Christmas greetings or even through the window of our home, it looks, sounds and smells like Christmas per usual.

But, this year…..well, everything is different. Continue Reading

The Summer Mother

Summer vacation is in full swing around here, and although Mother Nature has been a bit too generous with the rain, we’ve all adjusted well to less routine, more Rose’ and getting through our aggressive “Summer wish list.” Our kids are much more independent than in years past and in an effort to not overschedule them, they have been given the gift of a bit more freedom to pick and choose their activities (and when they would like to complete their daily chores.) Continue Reading

May Madness

It wasn’t that long ago when I was working on a “pep talk” to share with you (and get myself in gear) for the beginning of the school year.  Well…the months have flown by and HERE WE ARE. It is the month that separates the weak from the strong…MAY! (I am starting to really understand why Mothers are celebrated this month, but I would honestly be ok if the holiday was moved to July…when we could enjoy it a bit more) Continue Reading

On Loss

We have had what most would consider “a lot of time.” Yet, the Goodbyes still sting…exasperated even more from a mother’s perspective.

We were married fairly young, our parents were also married young, and our grandparents…well, they were even younger. There are certainly some “challenges” growing up with your spouse, yet some amazing benefits as well. We have been very fortunate to have gotten to know, and spend a lot of time with, our grandparents. Our kids have enjoyed the same benefit with their great-grandparents. They have been at every birthday party and milestone over the last decade. They could often be found at our house for regular dinners and sent “happy mail” for all holidays. Our grandparents have been a bright spot in the sometimes mundane days of life. All these wonderful memories, yet we would all give anything for one more. Continue Reading