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One of the things I look forward to as a mom is enrolling our kids for sports teams. While I can only hope our daughter wants to play field hockey in middle school and our son will refrain from playing any contact sports (Hi, I’m Sam and I’m a helicopter mother), I know that it’s naive to think they won’t gain an interest in summer soccer, ice hockey, and little league football with their friends someday soon. While I may not be equipped for coaching their teams, I can daydream about being “Team Mom” and bringing the classic orange slice and sports drink snacks to their game days for their buddies to share!

When BODYARMOR first reached out to me for reviewing their product for Buffalo Moms, I will admit I was hesitant to accept. Mainly because I don’t want this blog to become a space that consists of mainly product reviews (I promise it won’t become that!), but also because if I’m going to take the time to review something and share it with you all, I wanted to be sure it was something that I could really stand behind and support. After learning a bit about the product and how it differentiates from the typical sports drink, I accepted, and when we received the drinks to try out at home, I knew I had made the right decision!

Body Armor Review Buffalo Moms

Three things about BODYARMOR:

  1. First, let me start off by saying that BODYARMOR is made of natural ingredients, which is really important to me especially because our kids are so little still. I cringe when our daughter asks for “Gator” (Gatorade) at the store, simply because I know it is full of so many sugars and unhealthy preservatives. BODYARMOR is made of mainly coconut water, which makes it not only taste light and refreshing, but also makes it a healthier alternative! The drinks are gluten free, caffeine free, and Certified Kosher.
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  2. Second, I will admit that I am a super picky eater/drinker and BODYARMOR really does taste fantastic. We got 12 bottles sent to us to sample and all but two of them are gone already, thanks in part to two juice-fanatic children and one always-thirsty husband! I wouldn’t feature anything here that I didn’t try for myself or enjoy, and I can assure you that these drinks are two of our favorite things – “delicious and nutritious.”
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  3. Third, BODYARMOR is new to this area, and they are running a promotion in the Buffalo market starting this week at TOPS where the drinks are 10 for $10. Plus, when you purchase the drinks with your BonusPlus card, you will be entered to win one of five BODYARMOR “MVP” (Most Valuable Parent) Packages, which include a year’s supply of BODYARMOR sports drinks, a cooler, squirt bottles, sports towels, and a $50 Tops gift card.


Buffalo Moms Rating

I give BODYARMOR a 4.5-star review in my book. They’re healthy, hydrating and refreshing, and they take away most of my guilt of letting the kids drink “juice” throughout the day. Although they do still contain more sugar than I would ideally like, I can appreciate the fact that they’re made with natural ingredients. I will definitely be replacing the “Gator” with BODYARMOR the next time we head to the grocery store and our daughter asks for a “special drink!”

BODYARMOR is a great beverage to have on-hand when you’re heading out to little league games this fall, and even if your kids aren’t old enough to play sports yet, they make for a healthier alternative to sugary juice boxes.

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Thank you to BODYARMOR for sponsoring this post! While products were provided for us to sample, our opinions and review are 100% our own. You can find BODYARMOR at your local Tops, Target, and Wegmans to try them out for yourself! 

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