Carrying the Torch

I typically try to steer clear of political conversation whenever possible. I have family members on both sides of the party lines. I tend to find myself living somewhere in the middle. But I cannot and will not allow myself to remain silent on the hatred that is plaguing our once-great nation. It’s not news by now that our country is in a state of chaos. 

As parents, none of us should keep quiet on these issues. We are tasked with the incredible duty to raise the next generation and I will be damned if my children do not grow up to be kind and compassionate members of society.

Every time I checked the news this weekend, my stomach sank further. I struggled to find the words to adequately describe the feeling. And though it feels heavy to me, I realize that as a white, middle class woman, my feelings on the issue are likely minimal in comparison to most.

I found myself wide awake on Saturday at 4AM with my mind racing, sucked into the abyss of my Twitter stream.  Each update, news article, and photo more sickening than the one before. Then I came across this post from

We cannot afford to be silent. We have to condemn white supremacy and racism clearly and distinctly. And we have to take responsibility for the kids in our homes, that we can raise a generation willing to step into radical love.

It got me thinking. The Tiki torches that these “men” were carrying, my children have seen in flame almost every weekend this summer. They have lined our campsites, kept mosquitos away from our bonfire pits, and provided peaceful, calming ambiance to sweet summer nights. Never would I have imagined that they could come to represent something so ugly. Never will I allow the hatred of some to permeate into the hearts of my children.

If the next generation is ever to carry a torch, let it be for this:

  • To love people fiercely without thinking about the color of their skin, religious practices, or who they choose to love.
  • To shine the light of grace, acceptance, and compassion for all.
  • To show the love of Jesus to everyone they encounter, regardless of whether or not those people share their same faith.
  • To stand resolute for what is right and dismiss evil with an unwavering strength.

They say “It takes a village” to raise our children. Let us all come together to ensure that future generations can see the flame from a Tiki torch and look at it fondly, rather than in fear.


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