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BODYARMOR Sports Drinks

Mom Tested Review Buffalo Mom Blog

One of the things I look forward to as a mom is enrolling our kids for sports teams. While I can only hope our daughter wants to play field hockey in middle school and our son will refrain from playing any contact sports (Hi, I’m Sam and I’m a helicopter mother), I know that it’s naive to think they won’t gain an interest in summer soccer, ice hockey, and little league football with their friends someday soon. Continue Reading

Henry’s Gardens

When we moved into our house in Eden almost two years ago, one of the things I was most excited about was seeing if any flowers would sprout up in the spring around our yard. Although we had a few random patches of flowers that grew, it was nothing too spectacular and hardly enough to clip and put into any vases in the house, which was a bummer. Then I discovered my favorite hidden gem right down the road, Henry’s Gardens, and it was all rainbows and butterflies (and brightly colored blooms!) from there. Continue Reading

Tiny Dancers – Dance Spectrum

Buffalo Moms Review Northtowns

Two years ago, when my oldest daughter started to show interest in becoming a ballerina, I started looking for a dance studio for her to get some formal lessons. I stumbled across Dance Spectrum in Depew in my internet searches and was pleasantly surprised to find that they offered 4-6 week, 45-minute workshops for toddlers and preschoolers. What a great low-commitment way to see if we liked the studio! Continue Reading

Making Mom Friends

Making Mom Friends Buffalo Mom Blog

I have been blessed since childhood with amazing friends. Each of my closest friends have taught me so much about life and the importance of friendship. I couldn’t get by without their support, laughter, and unconditional acceptance of my impatience, bossiness, and lack of returning phone calls. (I am much better with texts!)

A few years ago, I was feeling like my friend bucket was pretty full – until life threw us a surprise and we found out we were moving. Continue Reading