Cookies and Milk for Life for Santa

‘Tis the season to indulge in all the sweet treats and classic Christmas dishes! So far this month, we’ve made cinnamon rolls, sugar cookies, Chex mix, chocolate chip cookies, and Rice Krispy treats. Just thinking about it all gives me a bit of a stomach ache (and makes me realize I desperately need to hit the gym after Christmas!). 

Speaking of stomach aches, my poor husband hasn’t been able to enjoy many of our baked goods at all thanks to food sensitivities galore. (I learned the hard way that making sugar cookies with applesauce instead of eggs is definitely not ideal.) Along with being allergic to eggs, he is also lactose intolerant and tries to avoid dairy as often as possible. Our daughter has also started showing some signs of lactose intolerance, which has been tricky to navigate. 

But I’ll be darned if my family can’t enjoy the tastes of the season due to sensitivities to dairy, which is why I was so happy to partner with Upstate Farms to promote their newest product, Milk for Life! 

What you should know: Milk for Life is a lactose free milk made using fresh milk from local farms. It offers all the same benefits of milk, without the worry of affecting you later (meaning no more dairy-induced stomach cramps). The average time for Milk for Life to reach your grocery store shelves from the farm is just 1-2 days, which means it is the freshest lactose-free milk option available at the store. And even better, all of Upstate Farms’ milk comes from 340 farmers from Western and Central New York. 

Why we love it: It tastes just as good as normal milk, can be easily used in cooking and baking recipes as a substitute for 1-2%, and so far hasn’t led to any negative side effects that lactose often brings. That being said, I’m glad we can set out the traditional cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve without worry this year! 

GIVEAWAY: To join in the spirit of giving this Christmas, we’re giving away 10 vouchers for FREE Milk for Life so you can try it for yourself! Head to our Instagram @buffalomoms and find this photo to enter to win.

Find Milk for Life and other Upstate Farms products at a store near you using the store locator, here


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