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My husband and I had a solid commitment/date night for Valentine’s Day this year: a fifth grade Operetta performance of “Cinderella’s Kids.” (Could anything be more romantic?!) So, when we were graciously invited to attend a painting session at Pinot’s Palette, the opportunity for a day date was too good to pass up!

I was initially a bit surprised that my husband was so willing to join me. Besides the promise of some one-on-one time, I now know he might have wanted to flex his artistic skills. I learn something new about him on a regular basis and I love that, except when I am trying to “win.”

The sign-up process is quick and easy to do online. I was even more excited when I realized our painting feature was the Eiffel Tower. We visited Paris last summer and it was a such a magical vacation – one I dream of often. A highlight from our trip was visiting the Eiffel Tower and viewing Paris from the observation decks. It was an experience that I will never forget, and this event seemed like a great way of bringing those memories back to the forefront.

In full disclosure, we received an email to arrive 15-20 minutes early to get our supplies settled etc. We clearly missed the mark and arrived three minutes late. I would not suggest this. It was embarrassing, but the staff was so kind and welcoming, it was hard to feel too terrible for too long.

I have done a few painting nights with girlfriends in the past, but this was instantly different because the set-up and space was truly dedicated to this activity. Our table was pre-set with all of our supplies and our fabulous artist/instructor led us (via microphone) step-by-step on creating our “masterpiece.” There were other artists who walked around the room to assist wherever needed (another bonus). For example, if you accidently hit your spouse with your paintbrush and needed help cleaning it off, they are your people.

There was also an adorable bar and a “2 for 1 Sunday mimosa special.” Yes, please! I happen to think a sip of bubbly now and again enhances my artistic ability. As we painted, there was fun music on point and it truly felt like a party as I heard multiple participants singing along. And for the record, there were multiple men in attendance as well as a diverse age group. We sat across from a Dad and his young daughter on their “Valentines’ Date.” It was so sweet!

Frank and I spent the 2+ hours laughing, reminiscing, and possibly poking jabs at each other’s paintings. It was true love at its finest. Since we were both painting the same scene, we decided to turn it into a bit of a competition for wall status in our home. We later asked the kids and babysitter to vote on their favorite…to be continued. 

Buffalo Moms Rating

I would absolutely give Pinot’s Pallete 5-Stars. It was an adorable venue, I felt well-equipped for the project and we had lots of fun. My husband and I got to try something new together, and it’s true, time flies when you’re having fun…until you get home and said husband “wins” the friendly competition.

Check out Pinot’s Palette Amherst on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – and watch the video below to discover the importance of disconnecting for some “Me-Time”!

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Stacey moved back to Buffalo with her family in 2015 after a ten year hiatus in PA. She has a day job as a marketing professional in Corporate America. The rest of her time is spent resisting the urge to micromanage the daily lives of her husband and two kids.

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