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If you’re anything like me, you press “snooze” on your alarm one (or three) too many times in the morning. In my attempts to squeeze in just a few more precious moments of sleep, I ultimately end up paying for it with rushing around the house trying to get everyone ready for their days. Our kids wake up hangry, Marleigh is not a fan of wearing anything but pajamas (who can blame her?), and if you peeked into our windows on any given weekday between 6:15-7:00 AM, you would think you were watching an episode of WWE as we try to keep Henry still for his diaper change. Is it just me, or do kids have an incredible skill of sensing urgency and resisting it at any cost? We have spent many-a-mornings in a mad dash to the front door – only to ultimately lose the race against time because of one thing: the double layered winter coat.

The weather may be warming up lately in Western New York, but chilly mornings still require an extra layer of warmth for the kids – and we all know that it’s not truly safe to put away the winter wardrobe until at least May. Despite months of practice this winter, we were finding ourselves constantly struggling to get our youngest’s winter coat on him. Even if he tried to cooperate, his little hands would get stuck half-way through his sleeves every. single. time.

Until we discovered that Trix cereal really isn’t just for kids!

Trix Cereal and My Sanity

For all the parents out there finding yourselves in the fight of your life between you and your kid’s winter coat, read this next paragraph and thank me later. (Actually, you can thank my husband. This one was all his idea!)

Let your little one grab one individual piece of the dry cereal in each hand right before you put their coat on, forcing him or her to make a fist. If you haven’t guessed by now, our cereal of choice is usually Trix. Our Henry protects those sugary little morsels with his life, meaning he wraps his fingers tightly around the cereal. Without his thumbs getting stuck in his coat sleeves mid-way through the bundling-up process, we are able to get his jacket on without breaking into a sweat!

Avoiding meltdowns (from both Henry and mommy) has made for a much smoother start to our mornings – except for mornings like today, when I didn’t only press snooze but turned the alarm completely off. Curse you, daylight saving time!

Do you struggle to get your kids coats on in the winter? Try the Trix trick tomorrow morning. With all the time you save from avoiding the jacket struggle, you might even have time to kiss your husband goodbye before you leave for work!

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