Kids Birthday Party at the Palace Theatre

Throwing our kids birthday parties is one of my most favorite things. I spend hours planning the theme, crafting decorations, and creating the menu for the “big events,” which usually unfold in our small home with a guest list of family and a few close friends. But now that Marleigh is getting older, we’ve entered the world of “kid friend” birthday parties – and it’s a whole new ballgame! 

This year, Marleigh decided she wanted to have her birthday at the Hamburg Palace Theater, as she had attended a party for a classmate there last year and loved it. After finding the party rental information on the Hamburg Palace website, I sent Jay, the owner, a text message to confirm the date and just like that – it was planned!

We took care of the typical party things in the meantime – sending invitations, making decor and cupcakes, and getting goodie bags together (actually we didn’t do this part, but more on that later). The day of the party, we showed up with 14 little friends ready to eat popcorn to their hearts’ content and watch a movie! Upon arrival, the theater concession area was already set up for us with birthday themed tablecloths on the tables and plenty of chairs.

One of the greatest parts about having a party at the Palace Theater is that you can choose literally whatever movie you want to watch. If you decide not to watch the feature of the week already showing, all you need is the DVD or BluRay (or ask Jay, as he has a large library of movies to choose from)! Marleigh chose to watch The Lorax, one of our favorite Dr. Seuss stories!

Throwing a party at the Palace was so simple for us and a big hit with our little guests! The kids were well content and contained watching the film (big bonus for the parents) and even the adults enjoyed grabbing some movie theater popcorn from the concession area while the movie played. Everything was so simple, entertaining, and reasonably priced, and I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we throw a birthday bash at the Palace!

To host your own party at the Palace Theater, head over to to read through the details. I promise you’ll be glad you made the decision!



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