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My children are growing up right before my eyes. I’m enjoying that this has made the day to day struggle of keeping them fed, clothed, and alive (let’s be honest) easier. I don’t think anyone would argue that taking care of a newborn, or keeping your house or toddler intact, is no easy feat. But, as these precious babies grow into older school age children, the weight of motherhood responsibility can, at times, also seem really daunting. And in these new waters, it quickly becomes obvious that I am not alone in experiencing my imperfections, my kids are aware enough to pick up on them too. I do my best to teach my kids about bad people/news that exists in the world, serious illness, true kindness, daily deodorant usage, and everything in between. (And sometimes one conversation can include all of the above.)

I recently told my husband, “I failed again. I forgot to send in book fair money.” He hardly felt like this was a major crime. However, after also forgetting it was “maroon day” for my first-grader the week before, I certainly felt like it was. Then it hit me, these two need to learn an important lesson. I remembered what my wise friend Melissa once told me, “If they are going to be disappointed in life, they should learn it from me.” Amen.

As my kids continue to navigate the process of growing up (and for one, middle school next year…sigh), I want them to know that life is what we make of it. We all make mistakes. We can quit friendships, activities, and working hard to reach our goals. We can also get through bad decisions or mistakes, and dust ourselves off to try again. Our true friends and family love us despite of ourselves. Social Media showcases what we often consider our best moments, however, the more meaningful moments and greatest lessons learned often happen in the privacy of our own homes (without being memorialized on Social Media).

A few nights ago, my son called me into his room. He proceeded to pull out a small treasure box and inside of it were one of his teeth. He then explained that this “treasure” fell out two days prior, at school. He didn’t tell me because he wanted to see what would happen if he put it under his pillow without telling his parents. I was so caught off guard by the interrogation, whole story that I came clean with the truth right away.

His kind heart followed with “Thank you; you have done a very good job with this. I especially loved the chocolate mouth you left for me when I was five.”

He may not have known it, but that was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. I was once again reminded that Motherhood is full of teachable lessons…and not just for the kiddos I am raising.

There are some moments where I feel completely on top of my game. There are plenty of others, where I feel like I am totally and ungracefully tripping through…one small loving fail at a time.

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Stacey moved back to Buffalo with her family in 2015 after a ten year hiatus in PA. She has a day job as a marketing professional in Corporate America. The rest of her time is spent resisting the urge to micromanage the daily lives of her husband and two kids.

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