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I’ve been frequenting the Boots or Hearts Salon lately thanks to my newfound ambition during the Barre Studio‘s fall challenge (I’ll do anything for a crisp new planner, apparently) and I’ve followed Studio84 on the main floor of the building on Instagram for a while now, so when they invited us for a pedicure, I couldn’t wait to check it out!

After a bit of planning, fellow Buffalo Mom contributor Stacey and I met up at Studio84 a couple Saturdays ago and it was one of the best nail salon experiences I’ve had to date! (Fun fact: Stacey is also doing the barre challenge and came straight from an 8AM class to meet me at the salon! How’s that for determination?)

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“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.”

I am a strong supporter of women (and men) taking time for themselves to recharge our batteries. Especially once you become parents, it seems the time available to just be becomes microscopic, so it’s important for our mental health to take advantage of spare moments whenever we can.

That being said, when I do get the chance to be selfish with my time, I want to make sure it’s really worth it. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a wonderful day of pampering only to be disappointed by the outcome. Thankfully, that definitely wasn’t the case with Studio84!

This particular Saturday, I was up at 7AM painting trim in our bedroom after a hectic work week. I quickly wrapped up my painting project by 8:45 to make it to the salon by 9, white paint on my hands and all. It wasn’t the most ideal situation, but I was SO glad that I re-arranged my schedule for the day to take time for myself.

studio 84 salon hamburg ny

pedicure hamburg ny studio 84Moral of the story? The pedicures at Studio84 were FANTASTIC. We got to enjoy good conversation and some laughs, I was able to drink a cup of coffee while it was still hot, and the pedicure made my sore muscles and feet (did I mention I’m doing a barre challenge?) feel SO much better. As an added bonus, catching a glimpse of my shiny painted nails every now and then made my afternoon painting session a bit more enjoyable once I got home!

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Jenn and Heather were sweet, funny, and very good at their jobs! Our pedicures lasted about an hour, but my toenail polish is still going strong 2+ weeks later. I left the salon feeling refreshed and relaxed, with a pricing sheet in hand for the next time I decide to treat myself to some me-time. I may or may not already be thinking of an excuse to get a gel manicure soon! (Here’s a hint: I definitely am.)

You can find Studio84 on Instagram and Facebook or by visiting them online here.

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