REVIEW: Disney on Ice Presents Frozen

Last night, fellow Buffalo Mom, Stacey Marks, and I took our littles to see Disney on Ice’s presentation of Frozen – and boy did it not disappoint.

Me: “I wonder if I’ll even remember any of the songs from this movie…. It’s been a while since we’ve seen it…..”


Yeah, let’s just say all of those songs that you finally got unstuck from your head will be right back where they belong. And, rest assured, you’ll probably remember the words better than the kids. Lord knows I did. Shout out to Stacey for not openly judging me to my face as I literally sang each song from the movie. No shame, y’all.

On to the show…

Things opened (and closed) with somewhat of an acknowledgment of everyone’s favorite Disney characters. And, I’ll say, even I was getting excited as all of the different characters were skating onto the ice. There was immediately a buzz in the arena from the kids as the different characters skated out, did tricks, and waved. From Disney princesses to the fish from Finding Nemo, everyone was there skating flawlessly. Disney staples (Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, etc.) were also there – the costumes and tricks all looked great.

I was mildly worried that my son would be too little to be into this, but he loved it. He was quite literally mesmerized. It’s like I was with trying to talk to my husband when he’s watching football. No response. Eyes glued on the show. I did catch him singing and dancing from time to time, but for the most part he was locked in – like if he took one second to speak to me he might miss something. Teach me your ways, Disney! 

Do you want to build a snowman….

The show mostly covered the movie Frozen from start to finish. And, with the exception of a few tweaks from the original, I’m happy to report that it was basically the same – from Anna and Elsa as kids, to the coronation, meeting Hans (boo), Elsa’s snowy outburst, the rock trolls, frozen Anna, and everything in between.

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Some of my favorite parts included:

The Special Effects
Did you know it could snow in an arena? Yeah me either… From mild pyrotechnics to dry ice and real snow – the show was full of that magic that only Disney can pull off. Side note: it was cold in there. I actually kept my jacket on because I couldn’t cope. Dress in layers, people!

The Costumes
The costume designs were on point. Anna, Elsa, the rock trolls, Olaf, even Sven the reindeer – the attention to detail was definitely there. I think my son thought Sven was real. It was that good.

The Snow Monster
Ben literally gasped when this guy came out. Note: this is also what I look like in the winter when my son covers himself in snow seconds before it’s time to leave for preschool.

The Music
I’m calling it out again because it was good. Kids were encouraged to sing and dance as the show was starting and so many of them did. It warmed my frozen heart – no pun intended. Did I mention it was freezing in there?

Things to be aware of….

Like with all things Disney, the merchandise was pretty pricey. It mostly included t-shirts, stuffed animal characters and of course, a wide-array of light up wands. From what I could see the cost ranged from around $15 up to $35 for items. If you want to splurge, the light-up stuff has a two-year warranty, which I thought was cool. If you’re trying to save, you are able to bring toys into the arena – I saw a lot of moms and dads with different light up toys, glow sticks and paraphernalia.

Parking in the lots near the arena was ample and only set us back $5. I kind of feel like that was the best deal I got all night if I’m being honest. (We won’t get into how I spent $3,028,375 on a diet coke that my son then kicked over by accident. RIP.)

I have never seen bathroom lines as long as they were at Disney on Ice. My son is fully potty trained, but still a four-year-old (read: tells me he has to pee about 30 seconds before he’s about to blow). We waited in line for about 15 minutes during the intermission just to make it into the ladies’ room. If you are bringing little kids, try to sneak out a few minutes before the break or just know to give yourself more time where you can. We def. had to make a quick change into Ben’s “emergency” sweatpants. Thank god I’m always packing (extra underwear and pants, obv.).

The Hustle & Bustle
If this is your first Disney on Ice show – or any show geared for kids really – keep in mind that things are pretty casual… and loud. People will be coming and going for bathroom breaks, kids will be talking, shouting, singing, and dancing. There will be light up wands flashing and large pops being kicked over (still upset about this). Just try to enjoy it… your kid certainly will. My favorite part of all of this was seeing how happy it made all of the kids.

Buffalo Moms Rating

Two thumbs up…. five stars…. however you want to rate it, I loved this show. Kids and adults alike seemed to be enjoying themselves. Special thanks to my new little friend, Lily, who let me sing with her to all of the songs. (You know we crushed it.)

Disney On Ice Presents Frozen will be at Key Bank Center through January 28th. There’s still time to win “Mom of the Year” award and treat your kids to a performance – tickets are available here.


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