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Kindergarten Sagas

As a mother, I’ve found that you fall into one of two camps: You LOVE back to school season, or you HATE back to school season. I have my feet planted firmly in the latter group. Many moms will tell you that your feelings on school will shift as your children grow older. The stomach-sinking feeling of sending your kid off to kindergarten supposedly turns to feelings of freedom and joy as they move up in grade levels. I’ll believe it when I see it. Continue Reading

The Summer Mother

Summer vacation is in full swing around here, and although Mother Nature has been a bit too generous with the rain, we’ve all adjusted well to less routine, more Rose’ and getting through our aggressive “Summer wish list.” Our kids are much more independent than in years past and in an effort to not overschedule them, they have been given the gift of a bit more freedom to pick and choose their activities (and when they would like to complete their daily chores.) Continue Reading

Where there’s a will there’s a way

A couple weeks ago, my husband found out that he got accepted for a professional development program and was going to have to attend training in St. Paul, Minnesota for a weekend. When he asked me to join him on the excursion, I excitedly said yes! Room service, a whole lot of me-time, and exploring a new place? Who would turn that down?

I was happy for the thought of a weekend away from responsibility – until I realized that Minnesota is pretty far from good ol’ Eden NY and would require me getting on an airplane, a thought that pretty much paralyzed me. Continue Reading

Sometimes You Have to Call in the Pros.

Over the past two years, I’ve gotten a lot of calls from daycare about my son’s behavior – biting, hitting, flipping chairs, etc.

“A child got too close… It was unprovoked… He wanted a toy… I don’t know what happened…”

For a while, I thought daycare was being dramatic. My son was 2. He had gotten his share of bites and bruises from other kids. And, he never lashed out like they described at home. What actions are age-appropriate forms of expression and what constitutes a legitimate behavioral issue? He’d probably grow out of it.

But then, he didn’t. The calls kept coming. My son kept lashing out. Continue Reading