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Pick Up Lines

Now that we’re a solid month into the school year and my routine is finally becoming routine, I’ve had the chance to reflect on this new phase of motherhood. I call it… the phase of pick up lines. No, not the “Did you fall from Heaven?” type. I’m talking the rush-from-the-house, throw-some-mascara-on, pray-to-God-your-two-year-old-behaves, stand-outside-waiting-for-11AM pick up lines. Continue Reading

A Letter to My Strong-Willed Child

Buffalo Moms Motherhood Essay

This past weekend when we were out, my son was being crazy and I was being frazzled, as per usual. Another parent near me said something to the effect of how lucky she was that her daughter was so well behaved and I immediately felt embarrassed. First, because my child was clearly so ill-behaved that a stranger needed to passive-aggressively say something to me about it. And second, for letting her make me feel like my son was anything but great. She doesn’t know my kid. I should have had his back instead of politely laughing and agreeing my kid was crazy. (I’ll take mom guilt for $100.) Continue Reading