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Mom Fails

Mom Fails Buffalo Mom Blog

My children are growing up right before my eyes. I’m enjoying that this has made the day to day struggle of keeping them fed, clothed, and alive (let’s be honest) easier. I don’t think anyone would argue that taking care of a newborn, or keeping your house or toddler intact, is no easy feat. But, as these precious babies grow into older school age children, the weight of motherhood responsibility can, at times, also seem really daunting. Continue Reading

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells at the Theatre

It was a true Christmas miracle – we had a FREE WEEKEND DAY and were offered an opportunity to spend the afternoon together at the theatre. (I knew my self-imposed holiday prep deadline would pay off.) We had yet to experience a performance at the Allendale Theatre, and all four of us were looking forward to checking it out. Parking is a tad tricky, but arriving 45 minutes before show time rewarded us a convenient spot across the street. Continue Reading

Pick Up Lines

Now that we’re a solid month into the school year and my routine is finally becoming routine, I’ve had the chance to reflect on this new phase of motherhood. I call it… the phase of pick up lines. No, not the “Did you fall from Heaven?” type. I’m talking the rush-from-the-house, throw-some-mascara-on, pray-to-God-your-two-year-old-behaves, stand-outside-waiting-for-11AM pick up lines. Continue Reading