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Henry’s Gardens

When we moved into our house in Eden almost two years ago, one of the things I was most excited about was seeing if any flowers would sprout up in the spring around our yard. Although we had a few random patches of flowers that grew, it was nothing too spectacular and hardly enough to clip and put into any vases in the house, which was a bummer. Then I discovered my favorite hidden gem right down the road, Henry’s Gardens, and it was all rainbows and butterflies (and brightly colored blooms!) from there. Continue Reading

Tiny Dancers – Dance Spectrum

Buffalo Moms Review Northtowns

Two years ago, when my oldest daughter started to show interest in becoming a ballerina, I started looking for a dance studio for her to get some formal lessons. I stumbled across Dance Spectrum in Depew in my internet searches and was pleasantly surprised to find that they offered 4-6 week, 45-minute workshops for toddlers and preschoolers. What a great low-commitment way to see if we liked the studio! Continue Reading

Making Mom Friends

Making Mom Friends Buffalo Mom Blog

I have been blessed since childhood with amazing friends. Each of my closest friends have taught me so much about life and the importance of friendship. I couldn’t get by without their support, laughter, and unconditional acceptance of my impatience, bossiness, and lack of returning phone calls. (I am much better with texts!)

A few years ago, I was feeling like my friend bucket was pretty full – until life threw us a surprise and we found out we were moving. Continue Reading

A Letter to My Strong-Willed Child

Buffalo Moms Motherhood Essay

This past weekend when we were out, my son was being crazy and I was being frazzled, as per usual. Another parent near me said something to the effect of how lucky she was that her daughter was so well behaved and I immediately felt embarrassed. First, because my child was clearly so ill-behaved that a stranger needed to passive-aggressively say something to me about it. And second, for letting her make me feel like my son was anything but great. She doesn’t know my kid. I should have had his back instead of politely laughing and agreeing my kid was crazy. (I’ll take mom guilt for $100.) Continue Reading