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Family Fun Day At The Theatre Of Youth

This past weekend, we were given four tickets to see the performance of “Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook” at the Theatre Of Youth. Our excited kindergartener practically skipped her way into the theatre, excited to see the characters she’s been reading about in school come to life on the stage. Our son (age 3.5), was equally as excited – although we were admittedly a bit anxious to see how he would sit for an hour+ long performance. Continue Reading

Pick Up Lines

Now that we’re a solid month into the school year and my routine is finally becoming routine, I’ve had the chance to reflect on this new phase of motherhood. I call it… the phase of pick up lines. No, not the “Did you fall from Heaven?” type. I’m talking the rush-from-the-house, throw-some-mascara-on, pray-to-God-your-two-year-old-behaves, stand-outside-waiting-for-11AM pick up lines. Continue Reading