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Buffalo Moms Motherhood Essay

This past weekend when we were out, my son was being crazy and I was being frazzled, as per usual. Another parent near me said something to the effect of how lucky she was that her daughter was so well behaved and I immediately felt embarrassed. First, because my child was clearly so ill-behaved that a stranger needed to passive-aggressively say something to me about it. And second, for letting her make me feel like my son was anything but great. She doesn’t know my kid. I should have had his back instead of politely laughing and agreeing my kid was crazy. (I’ll take mom guilt for $100.) buy avodart dutasteride

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Buffalo Moms Maker Moms feature

I am so excited to announce the newest feature at Buffalo Moms, “Maker Moms” – a place where we can highlight talented mommas and their handmade businesses!

First up on this new segment is buy avodart in uk, handmade lip balms made from 100%  natural ingredients and Young Living Essential Oils. I’ve been lathering my lips with the Mango Citrus for a few weeks now, and I can’t get enough! buy avodart in canada

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Southtowns Family Friendly Dining

During the week, we mostly eat at home amidst the chaos of after school activities and homework. My husband and I feel that it’s important to sit down and enjoy some family time with our kids over a meal, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. We’ve learned that family meal time requires a fair amount of planning and then having the fortitude of sticking to our plan. Without a plan, or our commitment, it’s simply easier to order out or dine and dash.

That being said, by Friday, all bets are off! buy avodart usa

Put the Baby Down

New Mom Guilt Buffalo Moms

There are plenty of things no one tells you about having a baby. Some things moms and dads might assume you don’t want to know about (projectile poop) and some things maybe they don’t consider worth mentioning (baby acne). Then there are the big-ticket items that begin at birth and live on until your baby is 35 years old. I’m not sure why these are shrouded in secrecy because they certainly have the most impact on your daily life. Continue Reading