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What They May Not Tell You

Motherhood Essay Buffalo Moms

Every time someone asks me if we’re planning on having another baby and I tell them “no,” I feel a slight tinge of sadness come over me. The newborn stage, after all, is one of my most favorite things in the world. The sleepy mornings, the snuggly afternoons, even the sleepless nights spent rocking your sweet little bundle who fits so perfectly against your chest. The newborn noises and smells are like a drug for moms everywhere. You crave it long after it’s gone. Continue Reading

Beyond the Bump in Buffalo

Last weekend, we were given the opportunity to check out the Beyond the Bump event at the Hyatt Regency downtown. Since I’m not pregnant, I wasn’t sure what to expect of the event or what I would get from it (other than a slight hint of baby fever which I have since managed to kick, but that’s neither here nor there). I went with two of my girlfriends, one who has an almost-two year old little boy and the other who is a first time mom-to-be due at the end of May! Continue Reading

Confessions of a First-Timer

Confessions of a first time mom

Next month around this time, I will become a first-time mom to a baby girl. I am beyond excited to start this new chapter with my husband, and I’ve spent most days of the past almost nine months feeling immensely grateful. We’ve had a lot of fun brainstorming names, decorating the nursery, and imagining life with a tiny human who looks a little bit like both of us. All the good things about being pregnant, I’ve indulged in. Continue Reading