Me Time: Facials at Ritual Skincare Spa

A while back, we received a message on Instagram from a woman who had recently opened her own spa in Orchard Park. Jeanine invited a few of our Buffalo Moms contributors to stop in for a free facial, and who are we to say no to a good hour of pampering?! We quickly made our appointments and counted down the days until we could venture to one of our favorite Southtowns to check out Ritual Skincare Spa for ourselves.

I scheduled my facial for the day after my 29th birthday, and it wasn’t long into my appointment before I discovered that now is the time to start truly caring for the health of my skin. Jeanine walked me through the entire process of the facial and explained everything she was doing and why she was doing it, which was very helpful. (This was only my second ever facial, but now it’s safe to say I’m hooked!) I had always thought I had normal skin, but Jeannine very nicely let me know that my skin was extremely dry. She helped bring some spunk back to my skin by using amazingly scented moisturizing creams, hydrating serums, and did a few extractions on my problem areas.

Throughout the entire facial, the lights were dim, soft music was playing, and I had to fight the urge to fall asleep several times! I left feeling dewey and refreshed, and didn’t even feel a bit self conscious about braving the outside world sans makeup – my skin looked and felt amazing!

When the facial was over, Jeanine once again explained the products she used during my treatment and recommended (but didn’t push) a few products that would be helpful for the health of my skin. I can confidently say she gave me the best lip balm I’ve ever used in my life and a nice little goodie bag full of yummy smelling samples, which have all been put to good use.

Along with the treatment being amazing, the overall ambiance of Ritual Skincare Spa was wonderful. Everything from the plants lining the windowsill to the changing area and calming colors made the entire experience one to remember.

I know I can speak for the other Buffalo Moms who took advantage of Jeanine’s offer when I say that I can’t wait for an excuse to head back for another afternoon of me-time at Ritual!

Be sure to check out Ritual Skincare Spa on Facebook and Instagram, and head to their website to book your own appointment! I promise you’ll be happy you did!

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