We Rock The Spectrum Rocks At Kids’ Parties

Back in September, which feels like it was yesterday, we celebrated our daughter’s 5th birthday in the best way – by having someone else host the party for us! I somewhat reluctantly relinquished my role of ultimate party planner/decorator, handed the decor off to a total stranger, and crossed my fingers it would turn out okay. 

I’m happy to say that We Rock The Spectrum completely exceeded any and all expectations!

Intrigued? You absolutely should be. When you plan a party at We Rock The Spectrum, they take care of just about everything for you. We dropped off the decorations, drinks, and party favors the day before the party and when we arrived the next day, everything was executed to perfection and ready to go!

When Marleigh’s guests arrived, the kids were all so excited to have ample space to run, jump, and play (and scream, because – kids). There were two staff members on hand to help with the obstacle courses and make sure no one was getting too rambunctious, which took a lot of pressure off of us to make sure other peoples’ kids were safe while they played. After about an hour of free play, we ordered a pizza from the Pizza Hut next door and the staff set the food up for us in the party room, where they served the kids. When bellies were nice and full, we moved on to singing happy birthday and blowing out candles, everyone ate dessert, and then it was back to running around for another 45 minutes of play!

During this final play time, the staff members cleaned up the food and any messes, took down the decorations to return to us, and organized the gifts so we could bring them out to our car. (There was an option to open gifts right after dessert, but the kids all opted to have the extra play time instead!) As soon as the final party guest had been picked up, we were ready to roll on home with our happy, tired birthday girl and absolutely no mess or stress in the party aftermath.

If you’re looking for a great place to host your kids’ birthday parties, I would highly recommend We Rock The Spectrum! I would say this venue is perfect for kids up to around 7 years old, and kiddos as young as 2 could easily enjoy the activities inside. Our party guests all seemed to have a blast bouncing from one obstacle to the next, and we certainly enjoyed not having to work for hours after the party cleaning up!

Grab more information on hosting a party at We Rock The Spectrum here, and be sure to check out the great kids programs they have available while you’re there!


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